September 26, 2011

Trips in 2011

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In 2011 I took the opportunity to travel a bit.

It started with a conference in Durham, UK (April). Then I went to visit Elena and Luca in Utrecht and Amsterdam (May). In the summer I went… to a summer school in Braga and I spent some time with Diogo, Daniel, Marcello and Andrada in Lisbon and Porto, also. A week-end in Barcellona to listen a concert of some friends. Then some amazing days with Flavia, Viktor, Andrea, Ami and their friends in Timisoara. Now I am REALLY looking forward to see again Andrea in Vienna, get drunk with Giovannona in Madrid and to finish the year spend some days with a friend of mine (the so called “Cotto”) in München.

The good part is that I managed to lose just a few days of work, travelling mostly on week-ends. And actually the university paid for a couple of these travels (Durham & Portugal).

2010 was a shitty year.
2011 was a year dedicated to look for the best things in my life. And you, my friends across Europe, you are the best part. You gave me so much. Thank you.

In 2012 I have to visit Marcello in Copenaghen, than maybe Mojca, then… just invite me, ok guys?

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